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Diamond Certificate

Our expertise is your peace of mind. With independent, scientific grading, using the most advanced technology in the industry, every detail of your diamond will be carefully inspected and measured by our experienced gemologists guaranteeing an accurate, expert assessment every time.

High-end detection and sorting instruments are used to identify and sort stones by natural earth diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, synthetics and treated diamonds. Diamond cut is graded using laser technology to measure the exact dimensions and proportions. Diamond color is graded using master grading stones and clarity is graded by trained expert gemologists according to internationally recognized standards.

Jewellery Certificate

Get the full picture with entire jewelry piece grading. In addition to inspecting the center diamond for the 4 C's, our lab with test and inspect the metal, side stones quantity, weight and quality and use relevant tools to ensure authenticity of metal, diamonds and gemstones.


IJL’s Colordstone Report assess the characteristics of a loose or rough colored stone (weight, measurements, shape..), IJL Gemological reports identify whether a coloured stone is natural or synthetic, and provide a full assessment of the stone’s characteristics, and may also include country of origin determination for certain gem material.

Laser Inscription & Diamond Report

Offer added peace of mind to your customers by laser inscribing the diamond with the IJL certificate number on the girdle. Ensure your customer knows that their diamond matches the detailed grading report and that you have delivered exactly on your promise to them.

Express Service

For jewelers and diamond traders within the diamond district and in close vicinity to our lab, we offer free collection and delivery services so you can concentrate on your own business and attend to the needs of your customers. You can rely on our timely and consistent service so you'll never meet a shipping deadline or event.