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The purpose of a diamond certification is to offer you the highest possible level of assurance and confidence...

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The certificate contains color and clarity grade of diamonds studded in jewelry along with brief description of the jewelry article.

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IJL’s Colordstone Report assess the characteristics of a loose or rough colored stone (weight, measurements, shape,...

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Lab Grown Diamond

Lab grown diamonds are more beautiful and affordable than anything we will get out of the earth. We're replicating the earth's natural process of crystallizing carbon into brilliant diamonds that are chemically, optically and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds, but they are priced up to 40% less and come free of any humanitarian and or environmental abuse. Think of this as making ice in your freezer versus getting it from a glacier...

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We use all the latest tools and equipments for all testing purposes to produce most accurate testing results.


Independent diamond, gemstone and fine jewelry analysis with world-class instruments by expert gemologists.


We constantly gather market updates through reliable sources and educate the industry with the same.


Service and quality of certification has made us one of the most trusted testing labs in the country. We ensure timely delivery of services with uncompromising quality.

Internationally Recognized

Our Lab is the center of our world.
To build confidence and protect the interest of retailers, consumers and traders alike, IJL started with IJL Gems and Jewellery Lab, also called IJL LAB

IJL lab’s belief in proficiency, professionalism and perfection has enabled it to become a prominent name in the world of gem testing and diamond grading services. IJL LAB is an independent body that provides analysis and reports . We do not engage in any commercial aspect of the gemstone and jewellery trade whatsoever. We are committed to contributing to and maintaining a healthy and sustainable Gems and Jewellery Industry and it is our mission to protect our clients by providing the trade with accurate and relevant information.

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receives diamonds, fine jewellery from the world for an impartial & accurate grading report you can trust.

to meet all your needs.